Who we are?

Fashion right now is all about reinventing classic favourites, with a wardrobe full of perfect pieces. At Nyva Store we intend to make fashion forward clothes that will soon be timeless.

Equal Rights

Making great fashion available to everyone is a moto we truly swear. We want everyone to feel good and comfortable about who they are. That’s the reason why we support gender equality, women’s rights.

Ethical Practices

As an organisation we ensure to put people and planet first in everything we do. Hence, we aim our trading our product in a more ethical way, which supports better working conditions.

Employee Rights

We ensure that the rights of our workers & employees are respected, protected, treated well and paid fairly.

Animal Cruelty

At Nyva Store, we believe that animal suffering is not acceptable. And hence, no animal should be harmed in anyway to produce any product for human consumption. Therefore, we swear to be 100% animal cruelty free brand. Hence, taking our step towards a sustainable environment.

Contribution to the Society

As an organization we consider it important to make a positive contribution to the society and hence we believe in giving back to the society. We intend to contribute a certain amount every year. Further, we would take initiative to help in the way we can.